The Top 5 Summer Blankets to Keep You Cool at Night in 2023

The Top 5 Summer Blankets to Keep You Cool at Night in 2023

When considering blankets for summer, usually lightweight and breathable styles can help keep you comfortable during warmer months. Between some of our favorite cotton styles, as well as acrylic knit when you need just a little more warmth you might find yourself on a chilly night, here are our five top blanket choices for summer:

1. Chevron Stripe Cotton Throw Blanket
Chevron Stripe Cotton Throw Blanket

2. Multi-Diamond Cotton Throw Blanket
Multi-Diamond Cotton Throw Blanket

3. ZigZag Cotton Throw Blanket
ZigZag Cotton Throw Blanket

4.Textured Knit Throw Blanket
Textured Knit Throw Blanket

5. Farmhouse Plaid Throw Blanket
Farmhouse Plaid Throw Blanket

The best summer blanket that works for you can truly depend on personal preferences and surrounding climate. No matter if you need a lighter blanket for breathability, or a thicker style for a little extra warmth on cooler summer night, our collection can help find the perfect summer blanket that can work best for you.

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