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Decorating Tips with Throw Blankets

Decorating Tips with Throw Blankets

Here is a look on how you can use accent throw blankets on different furniture pieces at home:

  • Sofas and chairs – Don’t be afraid to experiment with how your pieces are placed on your sofa. Place a throw blanket diagonally along the corner seat of a sofa with a couple of pillows at the opposite end. Create a more streamlined look with one throw blanket folded neatly over the arm and two pillows at the other end.
  • Stools and benches – When adding a pillow to a backless stool, always angle it. Without a back to anchor it, the pillow looks better when casually placed.
  • Bed – One or two extra throws (a combination of pillows and/or blankets) are enough to make a style statement. You are free to decide if you are a minimalist or if you want to add layers of coziness to your bedroom.

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