How To Use Accent Blanket and Throw Blankets

How To Use Accent Blanket and Throw Blankets

Accent blanket and throw blankets can be the fabulous solution if you are looking for a stylish way to upgrade a room in your home.  Here is how you can integrate them in your home style:

  • Use it to protect chair seat cushions – Use it as a protective barrier on cushions. If you have pets who like to sit on your furniture, this is a great way to keep the pet hair off the seats.
  • Use it on your bed headboard – Find a throw with a nice design and drape it over your upholstered headboard to change up the look. You can keep it in place using Velcro.
  • Use it to create a back cushion – Make a neutral chair standout by using a throw blanket. Drape it over chair after folding it lengthwise and then tuck it under the seat cushion to keep it in place.

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