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A Look Into The Types of Fabric Blankets

A Look Into The Types of Fabric Blankets

Blankets and throws are essential to any household. Keep in mind though that not all blankets are created the same. Here are the different fabrics to choose from:

  • Cashmere – This is often referred compared to other fabrics because it is softer than the traditional sheep’s wool. It also provides a stronger insulation which will keep you nice and toasty on cold nights.
  • Cotton – This offers a breathable and long lasting strength even after multiple washes. Cotton is a staple fiber which produces a soft and fluffy fabric.
  • Fleece – It is a super soft material that is lightweight and perfect for any season. Even though fleece tends to be thinner than most fabrics, it is still very warm and comfortable.
  • Microplush – This is erfect to be used alone or layered with your comforter, quilt, or coverlet. These blankets have a luxurious feel but are still more affordable than the more higher-end fabrics.

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