Buy Fur Blankets and Throws: Which Ones To Choose?

Buy Fur Blankets and Throws: Which Ones To Choose?

When you buy fur blankets and throws, keep in mind that the right item can highlight a standout element or color in any room. It can serve as an accent to the item that you want to make the star in a room. For example, if you have a plush chair, draping a fur blanket over it makes it standout more. Here is how to choose the right blankets and throws:

  • Pick autumn colors such as burnt orange, mustardy yellow, brown, navy or bold royal blue, deep olive or pine green, grey and burgundy.
  • Among the popular styles are chunky knit, sheepskin throws, and faux fur.
  • You can mix and match patterns, but pay attention to scale and shape.
  • Avoid patterns that almost match but don’t: if you have a circle pattern on the couch, try stripes to go with it.
  • If monochromatic is your thing, choose a throw that stands out for its texture.
  • If your furniture is floral, try going for patterns that are geometric, with squares and diamonds.

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