Liven Up A Space With Fur Blankets and Throws

Liven Up A Space With Fur Blankets and Throws

There’s something about a fur blanket arranged on the backs of couches, atop lounge chairs and on the edges of beds that make a room look extra cozy and luxurious. This kind of décor can easily fit any design scheme: from farmhouse chic to cool and contemporary. Here is how you can make a room pop with blankets and throws:

  • Go for weave fabrics because they are warm enough for winter but also lightweight for spring and summer. It is also soft as cashmere, seven times warmer than sheep's wool, naturally hypoallergenic, and water-resistant.
  • Use faux fur to soften a contemporary space. If you have a plush and big sofa, use faux fur to balance it all out.
  • Fur blankets and throws can be used to cover up worn upholstery. It can hide a multitude of home decor sins, including piles of pet fur, ripped fabric, and scratched furniture legs.

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