Add Fake Fur Blankets and Throws To Your Home

Add Fake Fur Blankets and Throws To Your Home

On the fence about using Fake Fur Blankets and Throws in your home? Here is how these small accents can change your home in big ways.

  • Adds texture to spaces – If you have a space that is neat, tidy, and clean and you want it to break away from being boring, adding fake fur will really do the job. This texture can come in the form of a simple faux fur pillow, rug or throw.

  • Don’t go overboard and you’ll be fine – It's definitely possible to go overboard with faux fur, so try to limit it to one or two items strategically placed in a room. Just a touch of fake fur is enough.

  • Consider the fur length – Look for items that have longer hair, so it doesn't look fake. Look for a lot of variation in tone, so items that aren't just a flat gray or a flat white, but that really have a rich tonal variety.

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