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Things To Consider When Buying Blankets and Throws

Things To Consider When Buying Blankets and Throws

Fuzzy Blankets and Throws are available in a variety of weights, qualities, colors, and sizes. Before you shop for a blanket, get some basic information so you will choose the best one.

  • How warm do you sleep? Other sleep with layers and layers of blankets while some can get by with just a light layer. Don't buy a heavy comforter if you live in a hot area.

  • How big is your bed? Take careful measurements and look for the blanket that will most closely match your bed. Keep in mind that you'll want some of the blanket to drop down the sides of the bed, so don't buy one that is too small.

  • What is your budget? The most expensive down blankets and comforters are made of pure, white, hypoallergenic goose down. Look for special sales to get the one you really want.

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