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Are Microfibers Breathable?

Are Microfibers Breathable?

One of the first concern many people have about microfiber blankets and pillows is the fact that it is a man made fabric. They assume that just because it is synthetic, it must be bad. But exploring with an open mind will actually lead you to see that it has many benefits.

Microfiber fabric repels water because they are tightly woven and the fine threads prevent liquid from seeping through. As microfiber is a manmade material, it won’t breathe as well as cotton, bamboo, and other natural sheet fabrics. This means it probably isn’t the best choice for those tend to get hot while sleeping. Although microfiber fabrics tend to wick moisture away from the body, they do trap body heat too. This means they can be great for use in winter and for those who feel the cold more, but not for those who heat up easily and feel stuffy while they sleep. If you want to be warm, cozy, and comfortable, choose microfiber!

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