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Furry Blankets and Throws: Microfiber Benefits

Furry Blankets and Throws: Microfiber Benefits

When it comes to synthetic materials for Furry Blankets and Pillows, nothing beats the performance of microfiber fills. They provide soft and comfortable insulation in blankets and down-like softness and compression in pillows. Here are its other benefits:

  • Highly insulated, virtually weightless – High performance, ultra-thin polyester filaments mimic the soft feel and insulation of natural material.

  • Healthy and beautiful – Luxurious and hypoallergenic, microfiber fills are ideal for products aimed at allergy sensitive sleepers.

  • Dry and comfortable – Made from ultra-fine microscopic fibers, microfiber clusters breath well and do not trap perspiration or moisture.

  • Machine washable and dryable – Wash after wash, microfiber fills stay consistently smooth and lofty.

  • Fiber technology friendly – From anti-microbial to stain release applications, microfiber fills are highly compatible with other fiber technologies.

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