Furry Blankets and Throws: Why Choose Microfiber?

Furry Blankets and Throws: Why Choose Microfiber?

When it comes to looking for Furry Blankets and Throws, you better be on the lookout for microfiber instead of other material. Here are reasons why you should make the switch:

  • Microfiber is composed of very finely woven fibers, defined by their thickness, or denier, which is the measurement of a fiber’s thickness. A high denier points to a material of higher thickness, a low denier is one of lower thickness.

  • Microfiber sheets are a tightly woven and thin fabric, therefore giving this tightly woven material a durable quality. Going with high quality microfiber increases the strength and quality of these linens, even with daily washing.

  • Microfiber can be washed and dried with ordinary washers and dryers. It can be made from synthetic or natural fibers, such as cellulose or wood pulp, and may also shrink with the first washing.

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