Gift Blankets: Choosing The Right Fabric For Blanket

Gift Blankets: Choosing The Right Fabric For Blanket

When it comes to choosing Gift Blankets, the fabric it is made of plays a big role in how comfortable it would be. Each has benefits so choose the one that best suits the person’s needs.

  • Cotton – This material holds up well to repeated washing, making them a good choice for those who suffer from allergies. Depending on the weave, cotton can be lightweight enough for use as a summer blanket, or heavy enough for winter warmth.

  • Wool – This material is heavy, warm, and provides excellent insulation while allowing moisture to evaporate. It’s a great choice if you want a very heavy, warm blanket, but some people are allergic or sensitive to wool.

  • Down – This have a layer of feathery down or a synthetic substitute sandwiched between layers of fabric. These blankets are lightweight but very warm. If you are allergic to feathers, be sure to select a synthetic substitute.

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