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Choosing The Right Blanket

Choosing The Right Blanket

One of the best ways to keep warm is to snuggle up to a warm and comforting blanket. There are several factors to consider when selecting a blanket, such as softness, warmth level, size, allergies and more.

  • Softness – Choosing a blanket made from the correct fabric can make all the difference in the world. Material choices range from natural fleece, wool, chenille, cotton, cashmere, silk, down and others.
  • Warmth – Consider the warmth you are seeking. During the daytime, snuggling up with a thicker blanket at your desk may help the work hours pass more quickly. But at nighttime, experts report that a temperature of 62 – 70 degrees F helps to encourage the best sleep cycle.
  • Allergies – While the lush, warm feel of wool and cashmere may bring comfort to some, it can bring itching and sneezing to others. Be sure to consult your allergist if you believe any materials in your wintry blanket arsenal may pose a risk.

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