5 Best Bed Sheets for Autumn in 2023

Finding the best bed sheets for fall season can help you stay comfortable as the weather begins to cool down and slowly transit towards winter months. Microfiber bed sheets are not only a perfect affordable option compared to natural fabric choices, but they also have great durability perfect for daily use and repeat washing.If you're looking for a warm and super soft option for autumn season, check out some of our favorite microfiber sheet set collections below:1. Clipped Textured Sheets SetExplore our textured microfiber sheet set features a slightly thicker surface that can provide a small extra insulation of warmth, making them a great choice for cooler seasons. With matching duvet option, it can add great modern style to any bedroom. 2. Ruffle Sheets SetRuffled sheets are a great romantic and whimsical touch for bedrooms with a shabby chic, cottage, or vintage aesthetic while adding texture and dimension to your space. 3. Floret Printed Sheets SetFeatures a design with small, decorative floral motif that can help add a touch of elegance and charm to your bedding. Available in two timeless colors options for brown and blue, it can be the perfect fall season addition to any bedroom.4. Floret Printed Sheets SetAdd a luxurious and elegant atmosphere to your room with our damask inspired design. Available in blue and white color variations, it's easy to mix and match with your existing decor.5. Small Leaves Printed Sheets SetIncorporate nature to your bedroom decor with our leaves print inspired design. It's a classic option not only great for autumn, but it's neutral gray and white colors can work with any decor year round. Read more
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5 Cozy Throw Blanket Styles for Every Home

Add some warmth an style Every home needs a few throw blankets. They can be utilized for a variety of purposes, such as cuddling up on the couch or adding a lovely finishing touch to any living area. Any room benefits from their warmth, texture, and style. Here are five throw blanket patterns you might want to think about for your house. Chunky Knit Throw blankets with a chunky knit texture are perfect for creating a cozy, country atmosphere in your house. It's the perfect accessory to curl up with on chilly winter nights. The rich knit pattern gives warmth and texture to any room in addition to being soft and luxurious. To further enhance the rustic vibe, choose a color with an earthy undertone. Faux Fur Throw blankets made of faux fur are a timeless, fashionable option for any room. They contribute to the elegance and sophistication of any space, and the plush, soft fabric is ideal for cuddling up on the couch. Cable Knit Throw blankets made from cable knitting are a timeless option for any home. The soft, cozy fabric is ideal for staying warm, or putting a final touch to a bedspread, footboard or accent chair. The thick, cable knit pattern helps to provide texture and visual interest. Textured Cotton   Textured Cotton Blankets are a versatile option that can add a touch of bohemian flair to your home. They come in a variety of patterns and colors, making it easy to find one that fits your personal style.   Sherpa   Sherpa throw blankets are ultra-cozy and perfect for cold winter nights. The plush fabric is soft and warm, and the fuzzy texture adds a touch of luxury to any room. Many other blanket styles and textures will feature a sherpa backing, allowing for a multi-purpose use blanket.There is a style and texture of throw blanket out there to compliment any home, no matter your taste. Grab a book and get cozy, and use it to spice up your decor when you're not relaxing in your favorite space. There are may other textures beyond the five we've mentioned, so get out there and explore, and find the perfect blanket for you.   Explore Chanasya to find beautiful decor items to reinvent your space! Read more
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Add Personality to Your Home Using Decor

Let your personality shine Looking to add some personality to your home's decor? It can be an easy and enjoyable way to make sure your house represents who you are. Here are some pointers to get you going. Choose your color scheme: One of the easiest ways to add personality to your home is by choosing a color palette that reflects your style. Do you love bold and vibrant colors? Opt for a scheme with bright hues. Prefer a more calming, neutral palette? Go for soft, muted tones. Display your personal items: Displaying personal items such as photos, artwork, and trinkets can help to make your space feel more personal and unique. Group these items together on shelves, tables, or walls to create a cohesive look. Mix and match patterns: Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns in your decor. Using variety of patterns can add interest and personality to a space. Just be sure to choose patterns that complement each other, rather than simply choosing at random. Incorporate textures: Incorporating a variety of textures into your decor can add depth and interest to a room. Try mixing smooth surfaces with rough textures, or pairing soft fabrics with hard materials. Add plants: Plants not only add life to a space, but they can also help to add personality. Choose plants that reflect your style, whether that's a collection of succulents for a modern look or lush greenery for a more traditional feel. Following these tips, you can easily your personality into your home using decor. Whether you choose bold patterns or calming neutral tones, the key is to make your space feel like it truly reflects who you are. Mix it up, have fun, and create environments that make your home truly feel like an extension of your personality. Explore Chanasya to find beautiful decor items to reinvent your space! Read more
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Decorating Your Home on a Budget

Beautiful doesn't have to break the bank Re-decorating you home can be fun and satisfying, but it can get expensive quickly if you're not careful. Here are some quick tips to get you started on a limited budget. Use accessories to make a statement: If you don't have the budget for major furniture pieces, consider using accessories to make a statement in your home. Throw blankets, rugs, pillowcases and wall art can all add color and personality to a space without breaking the bank. Look for sales and discounts: This may seem obvious, but keep an eye out for sales and discounts at your favorite home decor stores. Sign up for newsletters and follow your favorite brands on social media to stay up to date on the latest deals. Many will have seasonal discounts and promotions on exactly what you're looking for. Get creative with DIY projects: DIY projects may be an enjoyable and cost-effective way to give your home charm. Look for simple DIY projects that you can finish on your own that won't cost you much money, like painting a piece of furniture or creating your own wall art. Use what you already have: Before you start buying new decor, take a look at what you already have. Can you repurpose any old furniture or decor items in a new way? Sometimes a fresh coat of paint or new hardware can give an old piece a new lease on life. Invest in a few key pieces: While it's crucial to live within your means, it's sometimes acceptable to spend a little extra on a few products that you actually adore. Making the investment will be worthwhile in the long term if you are smart, and select durable products that you will see and appreciate every day. Invest in things like a classy set of window treatments or a timeless throw blanket.You can use decor to give your home personality and charm without spending a fortune if you follow these suggestions. You'll be well on your way to designing a stunning, yet cost-effective room if you use your imagination, put on your DIY hat, repurpose, and carefully invest in a few crucial components.Visit Chanasya to find a huge selection of interior décor elements to get you started on your style journey! Read more
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Four Popular Interior Design Styles

The most popular styles right now When it comes to interior decor, there are countless styles to choose from. Four popular styles that have been gaining traction in recent years are modern farmhouse, coastal, bohemian (boho), and mid-century modern. Modern Farmhouse: Modern farmhouse style combines the rustic, homey feel of a traditional farmhouse with more modern and minimalistic elements. This style often incorporates natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal, as well as neutral color palettes and cozy, comfortable furnishings. Some key elements of modern farmhouse style include:• Natural wood furniture• Neutral color palette with pops of color• Mix of vintage and modern elements• Open floor plans• Industrial lighting Coastal: Coastal style is inspired by the laid-back, beach vibe of seaside living. This style often incorporates light, airy pastel colors, and natural materials such as wicker, jute, and seashells. Coastal decor also often includes a nautical theme, with elements such as anchors and lighthouses. Some key elements of the Coastal style are:• Light, airy colors such as blue, peach, and white• Natural materials such as wicker, jute, and seashells• Nautical elements such as anchors and lighthouses• Beachy prints and patterns• White or light beige furniture and accent pieces Bohemian (Boho): Bohemian style, also known as boho, is all about free-spirited, laid-back decor. This style often incorporates a mix of patterns, textures, and global influences, and tends to be colorful and eclectic. Boho style is all about personal expression, and creating a space that feels lived-in and collected over time. Key elements of the boho style include:• Mix of patterns and textures• Global influences such as Moroccan or Indian décor• Colorful, eclectic décor• Plants and natural elements• Laid-back, comfortable furnishings Mid-Century Modern: The design innovations that gained popularity in the 1950s and 1960s served as the basis for the Mid-Century Modern style that we know today. Clean lines, minimalism, and an emphasis on functionality define this look. Natural elements like wood, leather, and metal are frequently used in mid-century modern decor, along with strong splashes of color. Elements of Mid-Century Modern décor are:• Clean lines and minimalism• Natural materials such as wood, leather, and metal• Bold pops of color• Geometric patterns• Retro-inspired furnishingsThe most important thing remember when choosing an interior design style, is to create a room that feels cozy, friendly, and representative of your own individual style. Feel free to combine elements from several designs to produce a one-of-a-kind, personalized appearance.Visit Chanasya to find a huge selection of interior décor elements to get you started on your style journey! Read more
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How to Refresh your Bedroom for Spring

It's time for a fresh new look  Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation, and what better way to embrace the season than by redecorating your bedroom with fresh, spring-inspired colors? There are an infinite number of colors to pick from to breathe fresh life into your room, whether you like a more subdued, refined design or a bright and vibrant style. Soft pastels are one of the most widely used color schemes for spring decorations. These delicate hues, such as light pink, baby blue, and lilac, can give your bedroom a romantic and peaceful feel. Use them as accents by pairing them with colorful duvet covers or throw pillows, or go for a more daring style by painting the walls pastel shades. If you like a lighter and more dynamic look, think about introducing strong and vivid hues like coral, sunny yellow, and hot pink into your decor. These colors are perfect for making your space feel lively and engaging. You can opt for a stronger design with colorful bedding or furniture, or you can use them as accents with wall art, carpets, throw pillows, or artwork.Beige, white, and gray are examples of neutral colors that are popular for springtime design. These tones offer a tidy and opulent foundation that makes other components, such vibrant accents or live flowers, stand out. To create a tranquil and restful ambiance in your bedroom, utilize neutral colors.Another wonderful option for spring design is using earth tones like terracotta, olive green, and mustard yellow. These colors give a room a warm, cozy vibe and are ideal for a more rustic or boho style. Earth tones can be used as accents with throw pillows, carpets, or wall art, or you can go for a bolder appearance with a terracotta accent wall or furniture in an olive green color.The secret to using spring colors to redecorate your bedroom, regardless of the hues you pick, is to have fun and allow your individual personality to emerge. Select hues that invigorate and uplift you and that capture your own personality. And for a fun and unique style, don't be afraid to mix and match various colors and patterns. You can make your bedroom feel bright and inviting with a little imagination and a few spring-inspired colors.  Explore Chanasya to find beautiful decor items to reinvent your space! Read more
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Mix and Match Different Decor Styles to Create a Unique Look

Colors, Textures and Accessories When beginning the process of creating a new, fun, updated look and feel within your living space, the redecorating process can actually be both a creative and enjoyable task. To create this unique, yet personal environment, one approach is to mix and match various decor styles.It's important to first determine your personal, preferred vision and any particular decor ideas that you find appealing. These can serve as the basis for your overall decorating strategy. From there, you can bring in aspects from other styles to achieve a cohesive yet eclectic appearance. Below are some tips for mixing and matching decor styles. Choose a neutral color palette: Using a neutral color palette as the foundation of your decor can help different styles blend together seamlessly. Neutrals such as white, beige, and gray can act as a blank canvas, allowing you to add pops of color and interest through accessories and accents. Incorporate Multiple Textures: Mixing textures can add depth and interest to a space. For example, you might pair a rough-hewn wooden table with a plush velvet couch or a woven basket with a shiny metal lamp. Mix old and new: Combining vintage and modern pieces can add character and a sense of history to a room. A vintage rug or antique mirror can add a touch of elegance to a modern space, while a mid-century modern chair can add a touch of grandeur to a more traditional setting. Add in global influences: Incorporating global decor elements can add a sense of culture and diversity to a space. For example, a Moroccan pouf or a set of Chinese lanterns can add a unique touch to a room. Use accessories to tie everything together: Wall art, pillow cover , and other accessories can be used to unify various styles and create pops of color. A vintage landscape painting or a colorful abstract pillow, for instance, might bring a contemporary touch to a traditional room or a sense of elegance to a contemporary one.The key to successfully mixing and matching decor styles is to create balance and harmony in the space. By choosing a neutral color palette and incorporating a mix of textures and global influences, you can create a unique and personal look that reflects your individual style.Visit Chanasya to find a huge selection of throw blankets , bedding, window treatments and more! Read more
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The Top 5 Summer Blankets to Keep You Cool at Night in 2023

When considering blankets for summer, usually lightweight and breathable styles can help keep you comfortable during warmer months. Between some of our favorite cotton styles, as well as acrylic knit when you need just a little more warmth you might find yourself on a chilly night, here are our five top blanket choices for summer: 1. Chevron Stripe Cotton Throw Blanket2. Multi-Diamond Cotton Throw Blanket3. ZigZag Cotton Throw Blanket4.Textured Knit Throw Blanket5. Farmhouse Plaid Throw BlanketThe best summer blanket that works for you can truly depend on personal preferences and surrounding climate. No matter if you need a lighter blanket for breathability, or a thicker style for a little extra warmth on cooler summer night, our collection can help find the perfect summer blanket that can work best for you. Read more
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Tips for Staging Your Home for Sale

Creating an irresistible space If you're looking to sell your home, one of the most important things you can do to increase its appeal is to stage it. Staging your home involves using decor and furnishings to make it look as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Here are some simple tips to help you stage your home. Start by decluttering: Eliminating clutter is the first step in staging your house. This entails going through each room and clearing out anything that is extra. Your home will appear larger and more airy as a result. The larger your interior space looks, the more space and living options a potential buyer will see. Depersonalize your space: While you want your home to feel welcoming, it's important to remember that potential buyers want to be able to see themselves living in the space. Remove any personal items such as family photos and heirlooms to help buyers envision themselves in the home. Stick to neutral colors: It's recommended that you stick with neutral colors while staging your home. Remove any bold, eye-catching or unique elements that are only personal or relatable to you. This will help to create a unified, impersonal appearance and make it easier for potential purchasers to see their own personal decor style in the space. Incorporate a few key pieces: Even though we want to keep everything neutral, it is acceptable to include a few statement pieces to give your room personality and intrigue. Invest in fashionable but restrained pieces, such a striking rug, a luxurious throw blanket, or a beautiful piece of wall art. Fix all imperfections, and make sure everything is clean: Lastly, make sure to carefully clean and fix any items that are damaged. Buyers will be more drawn to a home that has been kept up and is clean. It's easy to overlook simple imperfections you've become accustomed to, especially after living in a space for awhile. While a tiny stain on the carpet, or a small scratch on the wall may be no big deal to you, it may catch the eye of a potential buyer, and cause questions about what other imperfections may exist in the home.By following these tips, you can stage your home for sale and increase its appeal to potential buyers. Remember to declutter, depersonalize, use neutral colors, incorporate a few key pieces, and make sure everything is clean and in good repair to create a welcoming and attractive space.Visit Chanasya to find a huge selection of interior décor elements to help stage your home like a pro! Read more
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Using Throw Blankets as Decor Elements

 They're not just for snuggling Not only are blankets used to stay warm, but they may also be used as a chic and handy piece of decor in any room of the house. There are numerous ways to incorporate blankets into your design, whether you favor a warm and welcoming style or a more contemporary and minimalist one.One of the most obvious ways to use blankets as a piece of decor is by draping them over furniture. You can use a colorful or patterned throw blanket to add a pop of color to a neutral couch or chair, or layer multiple blankets for a cozy and comfortable look. You can also use blankets to add texture to a room – try draping a chunky knit blanket over the back of a chair or using a plush velvet blanket as a bedspread.Blankets can also be used to create a cohesive look in a room. If you have a color scheme or theme in your decor, choose blankets that match or complement the rest of your decor. You can also use blankets to add interest to a room by mixing and matching different patterns and textures – for example, pairing a colorful bohemian-style blanket with a more traditional knit throw.In addition to draping blankets over furniture, you can also use them to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in your home. Try stacking several blankets in a large basket next to a couch or chair, or use a couple of smaller blankets as cozy accents on a bed or bench. You can also use blankets as functional decor by creating a DIY blanket ladder or hanging them from a wall-mounted rod for easy access.The secret to accessorizing your space with blankets is to have fun and show off your individual style. There are countless ways to incorporate blankets into your design to make your house feel warm and inviting, whether you choose a traditional or modern style. Explore Chanasya to find beautiful decor items to reinvent your space! Read more
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